Program Services

Career and Technical Education: Career Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students with 21st-century skills. CTE is made up of 15 industry sectors, which include 58 career pathways related to all occupations. A career pathway is a sequence of rigorous academic and technical courses that integrate core academic knowledge, providing students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers. For more information, please contact Melinda Huot at 415-921-5537 or email her at

Cash For College: Every January and February, SFCAC offers FREE Cash for College/Financial Aid Workshops for students and parents in San Francisco. We provide assistance to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form required for Cal Grants.

IGTC: The I’m Going To College (IGTC) program is designed to make elementary school children excited about going to college. IGTC introduces students to the idea that going to college is a real possibility. IGTC targets elementary school children who attend schools in low-income and/or underserved areas. Each student participates in a three-month curriculum that includes a number of in-class exercises, and activities that culminates to a visit to the University of California at San Francisco. During the day-long visit, they are given mock financial aid checks to pay tuition and purchase college materials, attend college classes with actual professors, and experience workshops/ demonstrations designed to give them a taste college life. For more information, please contact Krysti Specht at 415-921-5537 or email him at

Our Services: SFCAC provides assistance and support for high school students through the following activities to help them stay on track throughout their educational paths and continue to college:

College and Financial Aid Information and Application Assistance
Educational Advising
Career Exploration
College Campus Field Trips
SAT/ACT Test Information

SFCAC will make reasonable accommodations to ensure that people with special needs have an equal opportunity to enjoy our program and activities.

SFCAC provides services at 4 high school sites throughout the San Francisco Unified School District:

Mission High School, Philip & Sala Burton High School, Thurgood Marshall High School, George Washington High School

We are also located at one school site in Daly City, California:
Jefferson High School

SFCAC works with the folliwing community service agencies to offer tutorial services:
Richmond Village Beacon
600 32nd Avenue, Building T5
San Francisco, CA 94121